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Masters League launched - photos

26. janúar 2011 kl. 21:24

Team representatives and organizers shake hands on the agreement

Masters League launched - photos

The Masters League 2011 in horse sports was launched at the restaurant Nauthóll at Nauthólsvík today with an introduction of the sponsors and competition teams....

Following the introduction and signing the riders of the leagues showed a few selected gæðingar in Nauthólsvík, which was rejoiced by the spectators and the organizers of the competition.
The Masters League is being held for the sixth time and seven teams are registered for the competition but four riders are in each team. A total of 28 riders are registered into the competition.
The Masters League is held in Ingólfshvoll, Ölfus, every other Thursday night and the first tournament will be held on January 27ty next when a competition in four gaits will be held. A total of seven events will be on the competition list but the shepherding (agility/speed) will be eliminated this year because this competition event is being reassessed. 
The object of the league is to protect the well being of the Icelandic horse and increase discussions in the media, and the novelty regarding the media in this respect is that this year the Masters league will be broadcasted directly at Sport TV. 
Appendant are photos from the launching of the Masters League.