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Magnús is pursuing to be the team leader for Germany

7. mars 2012 kl. 09:49

Magnús is pursuing to be the team leader for Germany

According to isibless source, Magnús Skúlason is pursuing to be a team leader for the German national team at the World Championship in Berlin 2013. Magnús, who is competing on behalf of Sweden, is the prevailing world champion in five gaits and aggregated five gaited events. Therefore he himself has a right to participate at the World Championship.

At the last World Championship in 2011, the German team was not all that successful, and Karly Zingsheim had best results when he was in second place behind Jóhann Skúlason in the tölt competition. Also, two German riders competed in the A-finals in the tournament without receiving a winning seat. The German leaders seem to be determined to change this course of events and aim to be amongst the winners in the competition which, this time will be held in Germany next year. Therefore the task of the next team leader is huge and according to isibless sources, Magnús´ aims are high – for Germany to receive 2-3 world championship titles and that a German rider has a secure place in all the finals.

The application from Magnús will be discussed in the sports committee meeting in the German national association next Friday, according to the news release which can be red here.