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Looking towards the future!

13. desember 2011 kl. 10:01

Looking towards the future!

On Saturday, December 10th, Eiðfaxi was travelling in the northern part of Iceland and met with Baldvin Kr. Baldvinsson horse farmer at Torfunes...

Baldvin was at Hólar in Hjaltadalur in order to pick up three young horses that had been trained over there. Eiðfaxi had a chat with Baldvin:

Do you often send horses over here for in-riding and training?
Yes, a few times. Off and on I have sent young horses here.
Are you pleased with the results?
Very much so, and what I am after is professionalism, under the guidance of a professional so that one knows that the horses are getting the practice that they need. There is a lot of ambition amongst the students. Today I saw that all the horses are being worked on with integrity, accuracy and professionalism. There was no contradiction there.

Are the people in Þingeyjasýsla starting to look forward to the Landsmót in Reykjavík?
Yes, I am and I hope that others are also.

What are your expectations?
I am hoping that I will be able to get my breeding horses into the tournament. Over thre in Reykjavík one keeps all the horses by the tracks and they are all in the stables. In every respect the facilities are great over there.

What is your opinion on the wrangling about the Landsmót location in the future?
We are living in a new age. We cannot host the same tournaments over and over again. My opinion is that too many are looking back. For us horse farmers, there is a lot of work behind us concerning our horses. Then when we bring them to Landsmót it is not good to have to transport the horses back and forth in trailers during the tournament. This is simply too much for some of the young horses. We need to build up loations for Landsmó which work for us throughout the year. There are always conflicts about these tournaments and then these districts and the local horse clubs are left with the damage. One only needs to check out the places where tournaments have been held, and then one sees how they are being used between the tournaments. My opinion is that we have to have two fixed locations for Landsmót; one up in the North and one in the South of Iceland.

Which places would you like to be the future locations for these purposes?
If the future of the Hólar College is secure, good facilities should be built up there. These facilities would then be used in the school between the tournaments. The tracks should even be roofed. And then we should host the Landsmot tournament in the south part, Reykjavík, where the people are.