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LM 2010 tickets on pre-sale - 20-25% discount

2. mars 2010 kl. 18:03

LM 2010 tickets on pre-sale - 20-25% discount

Pre-sale on tickets to the LM 2010 has started. The tournament will be held at Vindheimamelar in Skagafjörður from June 27th to July 4th. The pre ticket sale takes place electronically on the website The process of the sales is simple and the expected Landsmót guest is guided through the process step by step.

If the ticket is bought in pre sale, there is a considerable discount about 25% and this way it is possible to save both money and time. It is also possible to buy a week pass and weekend pass in pre sale. The price is lower for young adults 14-17 years old and it is free for children 13 years and younger. Also, on pre sale it is possible to buy a ticket for admission at the grandstand and mobile home lot with access to electricity.

Pre sale will be closed May 1st 2010 after which the price of the tickets will be raised. Each ticket bought at pre sale is also valid as a lottery ticket by Landsmót and their co-operating parties. Each weekend there will be a draw, and the prize is hearty for example two week passes to Landsmót, theater tickets for two persons offered by VÍS, bridle and DVD discs from the tack store Lífland.