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Litningur soon to be trained

31. október 2011 kl. 17:46

Litningur soon to be trained

In 2008, there was an article in Eiðfaxi on a tricolor skewbald foal which had been born up north in Mörðufell in Eyjafjörður....

Páll Imsland said that one of the most likely reason for this spectacular color on the horse, that the merging of two individuals during the first stages of the development of the fetus. What could have happened in this case, is that this kind of skewbald "double color" had been an indicator for a red skewbald and black skewbald merging into one. Actually, it was not necessarily so that both of them were to be skewbald, it is enough that either of them was. This is not necessarily true. Perhaps there is another explanation to this, but horses with this kind of skewbald, should not exist according to the common rule of genetics. . [...] Hopefully this horse will be well kept here and not sold to be shifing ownership ot abroad, rather he should be preserved here in Iceland so that it is possible to follow through his color development here and use him for breeding." ( Eiðfaxi, 3. issue 2008, p. 11)

Following an inquiry from one of our readers, Eiðfaxi contacted Matthías Eiðsson, one of the owners of this horse, which will be four years old next spring and apropriately carries his original name - Litningur - Chromosome. He has not been castrated and his first stage of training will be started during the next months.  Not many horses look anything like him and Matthías gave the club Hryllingur the horse, and this is a lively group of fellows which was established around the ownership of the father of Litningur, Hryllingur son of Illingur frá Vallanesi. The clup Hryllingur has a very entertaining home page, where it is possible to trace the history of Litningur, read about the lively gatherings as well as enjoy the poetry about horses and entertainment of this fellowship.

For example here is one verse which is composed by Matthías himself about the colorful foal:

    Litningur is a sweet horse   
    light as can be expected    
    magnificent and fast he is   
    few resembling him.            

The reasons why the tölt world prize winner Jóhann Skúlason is a 50% owner of the foal, and Matthías had promised to loan him a mare to reproduce with Hryllungur, during their touring to Denmark." Some might think this is a bit weird, but Jóhann Skúlason told Matthías in Möðrufell that he wanted to have a fancy skewbald horse, and what happened was that he received a foal which was both red skewbald and black skewbald in one."

Jón Hermannsson who lives in Högnastaðir in the district of Hrunamannahreppur which is a member of the Hryllingur partnership and he wrote a poem about Litningur and his color combination:

    Fantastic and tall
    on rough trails he trots
    yellow, red, green and blue
    are the colors of our stallion.

Hopeful about the future of the stallion

When growing up, Litningur has received considerable attention, and for some time he was kept in  Húsdýragarðurinn - which is a public park for domestic animals las winter, as his color combination is quite phenomenal in the flora of horse colors.

Litningur is now a tall an handsome horse, he has been used to impregnate a few mare. So far he has not produced a tricolor skewbald" Matthías said in a conversation with Eiðfaxi. He expects that he will be the one to starts the training of the horse this winter and as can be expected he is quite hopeful. "His lineage is quite impressive, his father did not get enough attention so that he could show all the qualities he had and the mother is a first prize winning mare."