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Landsmót, what next?

11. júlí 2010 kl. 21:13

Landsmót, what next?

Eiðfaxi received following article from Jónas Vigfússon from Litla Dal in Eyjafjörður as an input into the discussion about Landsmót. Eiðfaxi wants to thank Jónas for his contribution into this discussion.

Jónas has worked on preparation for numbers of Landsmót as well as the design of tournament areas for two to three decades. As such, he has quite fixed ideas on the hosting of Landsmót, and does not hesitate to present those ideas. We would like to encourage others to present their input into this important discussion.
 Following is the article from Jónas:

The reason for picking up a pen at this time is the report posted on Eiðfaxi web in July 2010 to the effect that FEIF expresses its concern because of the possible affects the intended Landsmót of 2011 would have on the WC 2011. In this news release the opinion is presented that the most important thing is to look ahead in time and to make a decision with a long term interest of the whole being the objective.

I agree with this viewpoint and would like to use the opportunity to express my opinion particularly because of the fact that Landsmót 2010 has been postponed and the idea is to take another step forward as far as development of the tournaments, and that it is time to host Landsmót every year, but with a different layout.

I, along with others would like to recommend that on one hand we should host a tournament for young adults, where children, youngsters and young adults would participate in their own competition events. And then on the other hand there would be a Landsmót for adults, where adults would participate in gæðinga competition.

Breeding horses and horse racing would be hosted every year along with a tölt competition. This way the tournaments would be manageable in size and it would be possible to watch the best breeding horses presented every year at one and the same place. This would also expedite the development of horse breeding itself, because the horses would be presented when they are ready to be presented.

In order to minimize any disturbance of the world championships, the national tournaments for young adults would be held at the same year as the world championships, meaning that in 2011 the tournament for young adults would be held at Vindheimamelar, in 2012 the tournament for adults would be held in Reykjavík, in 2013 there could be a tournament for young adults at Melgerðismelar and in 2014 there would be a tournament for adults at Gaddstaðaflatir etc. Other locations would perhaps be suitable for the hosting of Landsmót in the future, and we would continue building suitable show facilities for the Icelandic horse in different places as well as introducing our country and our horse.

 Kind regards,
Jónas Vigfússon
Litla-Dal, Eyjafirði