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Landsmot Web TV

21. júní 2011 kl. 13:39

Landsmot Web TV

Now all the fans of the Icelandic horse and horse sports can buy access to live broadcast from, all the 8 days of  Landsmót. The connection will be opened on the morning of the first day of competition and the users will have access to live broadcasts of all events of the day. It is very easy to buy access to the broadcasts on the site and pay with a credit card.

The ticket sale for Landsmót (June 26th – July 3rd) is doing well and the interest in horse sports is always increasing, not least among foreign fans of the Icelandic horse, but it is estimated that over 2000 foreign guests will attend Landsmót this year. The Icelandic horse is a great attraction and with the live broadcast we hope to reach the fans from all over the world.

Users connect to the live broadcasting with a standard PC and a common web browser and then they can enjoy the full program. There will be 7 high quality cameras shooting from different angles so the processing and quality will be excellent.

In addition to live broadcasting the users can view a summary/highlights of each day, which will be made available late each day or as soon as the processing is completed. Monthly subscription, which costs 20 euros,  provides access to all live broadcasts as well as the summary episodes beeing made, until 3 months after the first day of competition.

The management and staff of Landsmót wants with this additional service, contribute to increasing the possibilities for those who aren’t able to come to Vindheimamelar and see the glory with their own eyes. That is our hope that the live broadcasting will open the magical world of Landsmót where the users can see the best horses and the best riders in Iceland, as well as the colorful society of horse people in the spectacular nature of Iceland.

Please visit and check it out!