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Landsmot in a month

1. júní 2011 kl. 09:50

Landsmot in a month

The Landsmót National Horse Show is only a month away. 

This long awaited event will be welcomed by Icelandic horse breeders and riders who had to cancel last years show due to an infectious cough in horses. Now however all horses are well and there have been no signs of last years disease. This coming weekend the first trials for Landsmót selections will be held, among them the big one in Fákur in Reykjavík, Iceland's biggest riding club. 

Breeding shows are on all over the country and many good horses have been shown with quite a few already meeting the Landsmót standards. Around 200 breeding horses are expected to perform at Landsmót. 

The 30 highest scoring Tölt competition horses and fastest pace horses will also qualify and a list of those will be updated regularly and posted on the Landsmót website

Icelanders are really looking forward to Landsmót and we hope that many of our foreign friends and Icelandic horse enthusiasts will come and enjoy it with us in the beautiful surroundings of Vindheimamelar in Skagafjörður. 

Landsmót will be held from June 26th to July 3rd.