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KS league – finals in five gaits – video clips

20. mars 2010 kl. 16:27

KS league – finals in five gaits – video clips

The third tournament was held in the KS league the other night and this time competition was held in five gaits. The riders arrived with 18 new horses like expected and the competition was tough and exciting. When it comes to five gaits, nothing can be taken for granted as usual and then especially when the track is on the small side.
Actually, after the preliminary, there was no way of predicting who would win and for the sake of entertainment it can be said that all nine horses arriving into the finals are 1st prize breeding horses.

In the B-finals it was Ólafur and Ódysseifur who ended in 9th place after the pace had gone wrong. A tie was in 7th and 8th place between Heiðrún with Venus and Ísólfur with Kraftur and it must be admitted that Kraftur´s performance was a slight disappointment, although coming in on the top seat after the finals. Magnús Bragi with Vafi and Elvar with Smáralind were both fighting for the winning seat and it was Magnús who had a better chance until the pace competition, where Elvar passed him by two points, therefore getting into the A-finals.

In the A-finals Mette and Háttur ended in fifth place but the pace was not as successful as expected. Elvar ended in fourth place and Erlingur with the gæðingur Blær were in third place. Two riders were fighting for the first place; those were Þórarinn with Þóra and Bjarni with Djásn. The competition was rather even but in short Bjarni managed to keep the leading seat, never letting go and became the winner.

After three competitions, it is Bjarni who is in first place, Ísólfur is in second place and Ólafur in third place leaving Mette in the fourth place. Although they are close in score, and only two events are left -  hearding and pace – anything is possible.
Einar Reynisson