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Jóga fyrir hestamenn

28. maí 2014 kl. 10:53

Nicole Gibbard jógakennari og hestakona.

Námskeið á Selfossi um helgina.

Breska hestakonan og jógakennarinn Nicole Gibbard er mætt hingað til lands til og stendur fyrir opinni jógahelgi daganna 31. maí og 1. júní á Ion hótel, Selofssi.

Nicole leggur áherslu á jóga fyrir hestamenn. Líkamlegt atgervi reiðmannsins getur haft afar mikið að segja um frammistöðu á hestbaki. Á námskeiðinu mun hún kenna hestamönnum, óvönum og vönum, að blanda saman jóga og hestamennsku. Farið verður í grunnjógahreyfingar, öndun og hugleiðslu.

Tilkynning um námskeiðið má lesa á ensku hér að neðan.

May 31 and June 1, 2014
With Yoga teachers, Jai Garuda (Australia), Sophia Araujo (Portugal) 
and Nicole Gibbard (England)


10.00-12.30 Yoga for Horse Riders - Nicole Gibbard

Sessions are suitable for all participants, pleasure or advanced horse riders, or even those who have never ridden a horse before. A 30 minute briefing on the benefits of combining yoga and horse riding and a 30 minute question and answer session will accompany the 90 minute yoga practice to experience the basic methods of meditation, breathing and the physical practice – creating awareness, developing sensitivity, and connection of the riders body and mind, leading to the perfect ”Union” with the Horse.

12.30-13.30 Ayurvedic Lunch


13.30–15.30 Ayuvedic/Macrobiotic Nutrition - Sophia Araujo

A reconnection to Nature  via a 5 Element approach that works through postures, breath work, meditations and the nature of our diet, illustrating how the practices of yoga become more important when we are living in daily life or “off the mat”. Drawing from Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic principles, we see how food is much more than just nutrients. Food is energy! In order to achieve great energy we need to eat foods that are not only rich in nutrients but also leave us feeling light, satisfied and with a clear mind. We will explore the principles and practical applications of the ancient science of Ayurveda and the more contemporary ideas of Macrobiotics. Their foundation and relationship - Food as Medicine - Food as Energy - Seasonal Eating & Cooking and Building and Conserving Immunity

16.00-18.00 Elemental Yoga Class - Jai Garuda

Elemental yoga utilizes many styles of contemporary Yoga asana, such as Vinyasa, Restorative and Partner Yoga, retaining key teachings of alignment from BKS Iyengar and the core principles from Patanjali. The wisdom of natural healing reminds us that balance and imbalance are ever changing. This system teaches a form of deep listening, grounded in a consultation process that allows us to observe how the Elemental forces of Nature are moving within each of us, and to directly prescribe, from all forms of yoga, practices which restore inappropriate patterns to a state of natural rhythm and flow.

Price for Workshop: 7,900 ISK per session, whole day 19,750ISK, whole weekend 35,550 ISK, ayurvedic lunch 3,950 ISK per person

Registration & Payment: Tel: (354) 482 3415,


The sessions, seminars and practices offered on day 1 will differ from Day 2. Although it is recommended to attend both Days, it will be easy to follow Day 2 without having attended the first Day. Program for both days is suitable for all levels. Questions? Please contact


For further details on teachers please go to: Nicole Gibbard, Jai Garuda, Sophia Araujo