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Jakob Svavar is showing master like work methods

15. febrúar 2011 kl. 13:42

Jakob Svavar is showing master like work methods

"I expect to show the work methods and training methods that I normally use," says.....

the newly crowned winner in the Masters League gæðinga agility Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson. He will be hosting a demonstration at the jubilee of the Association of Trainers on Saturday next in the riding arena in Víðidalur.

As the newly crowned master of gæðinga agility we decided to ask him what the most important thing is when a horse is trained for the gæðinga agility. "First and foremost the horse needs to be soft and content. Therefore one needs to spend a great deal of time making sure the horse understand all the aids," Jakob Svavar explains. Along with him in the demonstration he will have the versatile gæðingur Auður frá Lundum.

Jakob says about the Masters league that it has been a great lever for Icelandic equitation. "The Masters league is an extremely good publicity and a positive discussion is supportive of a good image of horsemanship. This seems to increase the interest of the general public on the horse and horse riding  and I have heard of people who are not riding horses but watches the Masters League faithfully.“
Jakob Svavar will appear again with Árborg frá Miðeyti to the tölt competition in the Masters league competition which will be February 24th next.