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Is it possible to host Landsmót and WC in the same year?

8. júlí 2010 kl. 18:50

Is it possible to host Landsmót and WC in the same year?

As most people know, the current gentleman’s agreement and rule of work has been that Landsmót and the World Championship have each been held every other year. The next WC will be held in Austria in 2011 and the Austrians are worried about the effect the pending Landsmót also to be held in 2011 may have on that tournament. The Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation received a letter from FEIF where they express their concern about the affect the Landsmót of 2011 will have on WC of 2011.

The Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation and the Icelandic Agricultural Society intend to meet for a discussion on the matter in the next few days hoping to be able to reach an agreement with FEIF and the Austrians with the aim to come to a mutual agreement that everyone can comply with and will best serve the overall interest of horse people.
From the time that the decision to postpone Landsmót 2010 was made, it was clear that there could be conflicts. The question arises whether there is basis to host Landsmót and the World Championship in the same year, and then to host Landsmót again in 2012.

It is also reasonable to consider the affect this would have on the Landsmót of 2010, should the decision be made to host both WC and the LM in 2011.

Clearly, there are different opinions on this amongst horse people, just like anyone else. But it should be the most important factor to try and look ahead in time and the decision made with a long term interest as a guiding light, and not to let short term interest be the deciding factor.

Eiðfaxi will be keeping an eye on the matter and will post news on the situation as soon as they arrive. -hg