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Interview with Sigvaldi Lárus and Ólafur Andri: "Bulletproof team"

11. febrúar 2011 kl. 10:08

Interview with Sigvaldi Lárus and Ólafur Andri: "Bulletproof team"

Eiðfaxi called the brothers Sigvaldi Lárusa and Ólafur Andri Guðmundsson. They are both educated riding instructors and have caught attention for their mannerly and refined equitation. They will appear at the FT jubilee on February 19th next and enlighten the guests about training tölt.

Who are you people?
Sigvaldi: My name is Sigvaldi Lárus and I am a 26 year old guy from Dalir and I moved south when I was about 14 years olf. My father practiced horse training and both my brother and I have been engaged in horses from the time we were little.
Ólafur: My name is Ólafur Andri and I am 24 years old. We are country boys and our lives revolve around horses.
Sigvaldi: I have traveled all over the country to work; I have been in Skagafjörður, Kópavogur, in the south and west. I graduated as a riding instructor from Hólar last spring.
Ólafur: I graduated a year earlier and today I work in Austurás, in the suburbs of Selfoss. Also I will be traveling soon to Norway to do some riding instruction. My girlfriend, Bylgja Gauksdóttir, is also in the horse sector and our families are doing a lot of horse breeding work. The objective is to always enjoy the horsemanship and to improve myself as far as skill and knowledge.

What can the spectators expect to learn from your demonstrations?
Sigvaldi: We will discuss the gait tölt, because it is the gait which most common horse people enjoy. We would like to demonstrate how we train horses to tölt, how we built it up and how it can be improved.
Ólafur: We would like to bring forward some useful tips which will help people when they return home. We would like to demonstrate how we built up the horse, in order to help it to use physical exertion correctly with the purpose in mind that the spectators can get a clearer idea about what they can do in order to get their horse to improve the tölt.
Sigvaldi: We will bring a four gaited horse and a five gaited horse to the demonstration so that people can see the difference in these two types of horses.
Ólafur: There are certain differences as far as emphasis, when one rides these two horses on tölt. We would like to show the diversity, and there are many different ways that work and one has to choose the approach at the horses precondition.
Sigvaldi: We are very coordinated and with similar opinions and we would like to bring forth how we think, in an understandable and simple manner.
Ólafur: We know each other very well. I think we are a bulletproof team.

But there must be a slight rivalry between you brothers?
Sigvaldi: We do not support the same team in the English football.
Ólafur: Yea, he supports Liverpool and I support Arsenal. Silli is on the wrong track there. He is misunderstanding something.

Which one of you is a better instructor?
Sigvaldi: For sure I am much more powerful!
Ólafur: Let’s leave this up to the audience.

Which one is funnier?
Ólafur: I am much funnier. Silli has more common sense.
Sigvaldi: Good question. Let’s have the audience answer this question.

What is your first memory from the horsemanship?
Ólafur: We are in Búðardalur, riding, scooping out of the stables and feeding the horses. Our father is training and shoeing horses. I am holding up the feet for him.
Sigvaldi: When I was young and got to go riding by my self on the mare Stjarna. I remember that I had been told how far I could go, but of course I sneaked much farther than I was permitted to.

The best tölt horse you have seen?
Sigvaldi: Lydía frá Vatnsleysu was a an excellent tölt horse. In her there was power, roominess as well as leg action.
Ólafur: Hátíð frá Úlfsstöðum, a score of 10 for tölt.

The best horse you have ridden?
Sigvaldi: Hula frá Hamraendum is a mare who taught me a lot. She is a good five gaited mare and she is exactly how I want horses to be. She is out of Baldur frá Bakka and at this time she is our breeding mare.

Best tölt horse you have ridden?
Ólafur: The sisters Hnota frá Garðabæ and Grýta frá Garðabæ come to my mind. Once I got to ride Vaka frá Hafnafirði from Snorri Dal.

Eiðfaxi thanks the brothers for this conversation and wishes them well at the FT birthday jubilee.