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Icelandic horse racing held in Winnipeg in 1913

11. desember 2009 kl. 09:28

Street view from Winnipeg, where Icelanders in Canada held a race in 1913.

Icelandic horse racing held in Winnipeg in 1913

In a super thick Eiðfaxi Christmas edition which is now in the works, there will be an article on the history of Icelandic horses in the New World. In this article it is assumed that the first Icelandic horses were shipped to America along with a group of circus people from Britain, in the year 1864.

It is also disclosed that people of Icelandic decent living in Winnipeg owned Icelandic riding horses early in the 19th century and that a horse race consisting of Icelandic horses was held on the Icelandic Day Festival in the city on August 2nd in the year 1913. Very likely, this is the first competition held exclusively for Icelandic horses on foreign ground.

The Christmas edition (Icelandic) will arrive to the subscribers shortly after next weekend.