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Hryðja frá Hvoli sold to Sweden

1. október 2010 kl. 22:24

Hryðja frá Hvoli sold to Sweden

The Landsmót winner Hryðja frá Hvoli has been sold to…..

Rúna Sverrisdóttir and Haraldur Snjólfsson, an Icelandic couple living in Sweden where they are breeding horses and are deeply involved in horsemanship.

Hryðja is in the group of highest assessed mares who have been sold from Iceland. She was on top in the class of 6 year old mares at the Landsmót 2004 with a score of 8.25 for conformation and 8.92 for capacity and a total score of 8.65.
Undoubtedly, many remember Hryðja from Landsmót 2004 especially for her pace sprints. She received a score of 10.0 for sprint and she was the first mare in Iceland to accomplish that.

When it comes to horse breeding, Rúna and Haraldur set their goals high and it will be enjoyable to watch them in the future.