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Horses sick with cold

13. apríl 2010 kl. 16:33

Horses sick with cold

This winter some horses have been sick with cough or some sort of cold. Eiðfaxi contacted Sigríður Björnsdóttir vet in order to enquire about the matter.

“I have been investigating this here up north as some examples of this came up here at Hólar last week. Perhaps there have been some isolated incidences of cold in horses for some time, and some cases of cold have occurred in other farms in this area also.”

How would you describe this cold bug? “Sometimes people notice this when riding the horse, but in later stages the horse starts coughing in the pen. This can be followed with a runny nose and also some pus can come from sick horses.”

When do you think this all started? “Probably some time before easter, probably this started in the south at the same time as in the north.“

How do they get infected? ”There is a lot of interaction between horses everywhere at this time. Many tournaments are being held and people are driving their horses between places for training purposes and other errands. A sick horse will first infect the horse closes to him; the horse which is in the pen next to him. This is how it goes around. My advice to people is to not to transport their horses unnecessary between places and definitely not to be travelling away from home with an infected horse.”

At this time tournaments being held almost every other day. What message do you have for those who have infected horses in their stables, but plan on transporting a seemingly healthy horse to a tournament? “No prohibitions have been put on travelling because of this, but like I said before, I would like to emphasize that my advice to people is not to be travelling with horses between places, should they have an infected horse in their stable.”

Do you recommend any remedy? "No, they will recover in about 1-2 weeks time. On the other hand, I recommend that sick hoses have their rest, that way they will work through this easier.“