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Horse riding schools start their operation

14. júní 2010 kl. 16:30

Horse riding schools start their operation

Although there has not been much action around the area of the horse stables for the past two weeks, things are picking up. As the school children will be starting their summer vacations all over the country, at the same time the horse riding schools start their annual operation.

Eiðfaxi took a trip up to Víðidalur last weekend and met young people who were preparing horses and facilities for the first seminar of the summer.

Linda Steinunn Guðgeirsdóttir is a 19 year old girl working for the Reykjavík Riding School. The school has been operated since 2001 and it is the couple Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir and Sigurður Vignir Matthíasson who are in charge. Linda was busy cleaning and disinfecting the stable and equipment when Eiðfaxi arrived.

“Yes, we are cleaning and disinfecting everything here. The horses that will be used at the riding school will still be kept outside, for the most part anyway. It pays to clean well after the cold disease the horses caught. “

The Faxaból Riding School has been operated since the year 2000. It was the couple Þóra Þrastardóttir and Tómas Ragnarsson who established that school. Eiðfaxi met four energetic girls by the school stables. They saddled up each horse after another and trained them vigorously.

“We are training the horses, in order to prepare them for the children who will come after the weekend,” the girls said. All of them had previously been working at Faxaból, and clearly enjoy riding horses all summer long. They are Bergdís Sif, Melkorka Mist, Ása María and Rebekka Rut.  

It is wonderful to finally see life in the area of the horse stables and Eiðfaxi wishes all the students of the schools success in their horsemanship this summer.