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Haukur and Lena riders of the year according to isibless.de

11. desember 2009 kl. 09:35

Haukur Tryggvason and Baltasar vom Freyelhof on HM 2009.

Haukur and Lena riders of the year according to isibless.de

Eiðfaxi’s collaborator, www.isibless.de did a survey amongst its readers on which riders would be considered riders of the year in Germany. Great many took part in this survey and the results can be viewed here below.

In women’s category it was the world champion as well as German champion in four gaits, Lena Trappe who was the winner with a total of 40.58% votes. Second in line was our Rúna Einarsdóttir-Zingsheim with a total of 16.75% votes and third in line was Frauke Schenzel with a total of 13.22%.

1) Lena Trappe, 620 votes
2) Rúna Einarsdóttir-Zingsheim, 256 votes
3) Frauke Schenzel, 202 votes
4) Melanie Müller, 198 votes
5) Johanna Pölzelbauer, 140 votes
6) Samantha Leidesdorff, 112 votes

In the group of males, the readers were not quite so conclusive in their votes on the rider of the year, but the winner was the world champion in all total five gate events (along with Rúna) our man Haukur Tryggvason, who received a total of 23.90% votes. Not so far behind was the young Jonas Hassel with a total of 21.79%, but he did extremely well in the competition of youngsters at the WC in Switzerland. Third in line was the well experienced rider Jens Füchtenschnieder with a total of 19.51%.

1) Haukur Tryggvason, 441 votes
2) Jonas Hassel, 402 votes
3) Jens Füchtenschnieder, 360 votes
4) Beggi Eggertsson, 223 votes
5) Thorsten Reisinger, 215 votes
6) Uli Reber, 204 votes

Henning Drath, www.isibless.de