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Gustur frá Lækjarbakka has been sold

16. apríl 2010 kl. 22:59

Gustur frá Lækjarbakka has been sold

The stallion Gustur frá Lækjarbakka has been sold and his new owner is Gunnar Justinussen from the Faeroe Islands. Grettir Jónasson will continue training Gustur but as many people remember, Grettir was the winner in the young adults’ class at the last Landsmót, riding Gustur.

Eiðfaxi was visiting in Víðidalur and met with Gunnar, Grettir and Gustur.

Are you aiming for Landsmót?
It is Grettir who answers this question: “Yes, that is the idea and we are preparing for the preliminary”.

How does Grettir feel about his first competition period in the adults’ class?
”It is exciting. I am well prepared for this, but of course one can expect the competition in the adults class to be much tougher than one in the classes for the younger people, as there are many professionals among the competitors there. But I am not afraid and have great faith that Gustur and I will stand a chance. I competed in B-class in the horse club Hörður last year and won that competition with a total score of 8.88, so I know that we can” Grettir says with a smile.

But what does the new owner of the horse say about the matter?
”Yes, it is fun to be the owner of such a great horse and I believe that Grettir and Gustur will be successful together.”

What about the future, will Gustur go to the Faeroe Islands?
”He probably will, sometime later. He certainly will be magnificent in the mountains at home in the Faeroes,” Gunnars finally says.