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"Good atmosphere and refreshing weather" says Sigurður Matthíasson

24. júní 2011 kl. 19:26

"Good atmosphere and refreshing weather" says Sigurður Matthíasson

Horses as well as people are gathering to Skagafjörður where Landsmót will officially begin next Sunday.....

According to information from the organizers of Landsmót, they are expecting about 10.000 guests and as many as 800-900 horses to Vindheimamelar during the week.

Eiðfaxi had a chat with Sigurður Vigniar Matthíasson who was there along with his wife Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir and their team members, and they have settled themselves in Skagafjörður. “We brought with us a total of 22 horses who will participate in the tournaments in many different events. Edda will compete in A-class and breeding shows, and  I will participate in A-class, B-class as well as the horse breeding shows and horseracing. Also a few children are here with us, they are Júlía Lindmark, Sóley Þórsdóttir and Bjarki Freyr Arngrímsson and they are participating in the young adults class, and teenagers class,” Sigurður said as he was about to mount the saddle on the first horse in order to check on the competition track. “The facilities here look really fantastic, the weather is refreshing and the atmosphere is good. Everyone is helpful and both we and the horses are very comfortable.”

The sun will be hiding behind some clouds for the first days of Landsmót, according to the weather forecasts. The temperature is expected to be about 7-10C, quite windy and cloudy but no rain. According to the long term weather forecast the latter half of the week should be a little sunnier.