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Fláki goes to Germany

3. júlí 2012 kl. 12:56

Black beauty at flying pace. He will be exported to Germany next fall.

Fláki goes to Germany

The fantastic Fláki frá Blesastöðum 1A will be transported to Germany next fall. This was confirmed by Þórður Þorgeirsson, his rider and one of his owners, to Eiðfaxi reporter at Landsmót.

Fláki was undeniable one of the big stars of Landsmó. The companions Þórður and Fláki were always were energetic at the competition track and caught great attention, and Fláki is an exceptionally magnificent stallion, black like flint and with white stars. They were leaders in A-class gæðinar in the beginning and considered quite likely winners and completed their competition in second place in the class with a final score of 8,88.

Fláki is out of Gígjar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu and the daughter of Kjarval Blúnda frá Kílhrauni, who has produced many gæðingar, amongst them is Alfa the great tölt mare. Fláki is a great gæðingur and received a total score of 8,49 at the breeding assessment at Landsmót in 2011 and was at that time in third place in the class of 6 year old stallions. He received a score of 8,71 for qualities and among his scores was 9,5 for spirit and temperament and 9,0 for tölt.

Roumor says that the gæðingur will be the representative of Iceland at the WC in Berlin next year.

Fláki will be attending to mares until he leaves the country.