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Final night of the KS-League 2010 - video

8. apríl 2010 kl. 22:32

Final night of the KS-League 2010 - video

The final night of the KS-League has been held and the competition was in two events, herding and pace. After the three first tournaments it was Bjarni Jónasson who was in first place with a few points in head start but right behind him, there was a strong group with many riders who still have a possibility of winning.

In the herding event, all the riders were successful and nine of the highest scoring ones took a second round where the winner was decided upon. In the finals it was Líney who ended in ninth place as she fell of the horse and did not manage to finish her round. Erlingur was in eighth place, Ísólfur in seventh place and Sölvi in the sixth place and at last Þórarinn in the fifth place. Ragnar had the second best timing but ended in fourth place because of too many penalizing points, Ólafur ended in third place and Þorsteinn who passed through the program without penalization ended in second place.

The undisputed winner in herding was Magnús Bragi Magnússon with only one cone down and he was almost four seconds ahead of the next contestant. As Bjarni did not receive a point in herding, Ólafur managed to match him and they were quite equal before the last event with the other contestants close behind them.

The contestants in the pace event took two sprints each through the arena. The competition was even as it has normally been in the league. Þorbjörn was in ninth place with the timing 5.45 and in eighth place with the same timing was Þorsteinn. Elvar was in seventh place with the timing 5.40 and in seventh place was Erlingur with the timing 5.27. Sölvi and Mette were in fourth and fifth place with the timing 5.25 and Þórarin was in third place with the time 5.13. Bjarni and Tryggvi were quite even with the same timing of 5.10 but as Bjarni’s second sprint was a better one, he became the winner.

After his victory in the pace event it became clear that Bjarni had become the winner in the KS-League this time, which is well deserved. With good results in the pace event, Þórarinn moved up to second place and Ólafur ended in the third place. In fourth place and quite even were Magnús, Elvar and Mette. Also Ísólfur was only one point behind them in seventh place.

This concludes the KS-League for this year. The League was a very exciting and entertaining event from start to finish and we would like to congratulate Bjarni Jónasson with his victory.