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FEIF Judges Conference at the “Islandpferde Reithof Piber”

14. apríl 2011 kl. 10:11

FEIF Judges Conference at the “Islandpferde Reithof Piber”

St Radegund, April 2011 - Lively discussions, interesting equestrian performances, delicious dishes and bright sunshine - that was the perfect basis for a successful international meeting of the international FEIF judges from 8th to 10th of April 2011 at the Islandpferde Reithof Piber in St. Radegund. FEIF judges from around the world followed the invitation of host Karl Piber and FEIF sports director Marko Mazeland and were highly satisfied with the World Championship venue.

Of course the general judge guidelines including the FIPO concept were in the main focus of this conference. In addition the theoretical considerations were supplemented by practical performances. Thus the already multiple World Championship participant and promising Austrian medal hope Carina Mayerhofer and other young talents of the Islandpferde Reithof Piber (Association: Islandpferdefreunde im Schwabenlandl) showed their skills on the perfectly prepared World Championship tracks, and spread already a certain “ spirit of a World Championship“. Furthermore the World Championship Organizing Team attended the event to answer all questions from the very interested judges. That of course also included an exclusive tour over the whole World Championship area. Further more the judges got the chance to experience another very special highlight: Thus they already had the chance to taste the very delicious food of the World Championship Caterer  "Chef Partie" 

Only a few months left until the idyllic village of St. Radegund is going to be the Mecca of the international Icelandic Horses Scene. From the 1st to the 7th August 2011, they are not only able to watch spectacular, athletic performances of horses and riders. The World Championship program also offers plenty of variety. Top concert events at the World Championship venue, horse riding and horse shows and "Fun for Kids" child care are just a few highlights of this great event.

In addition, the wonderful idyllic surroundings of St. Radegund invite you to linger. Do you want to combine your stay at the World Championships of Icelandic Horses 2011 with a short holiday trip? What a very good idea, because the region offers something for every taste.

Keep this date free! Buy your tickets now online: www.islandpferde wm.at


The “Islandpferde Reithof Piber”

Meeting place for leisure - riders and international sport – riders

Within the beautiful landscape of upper Austria you can find the “Islandpferde Reithof Piber” where the proper handling of the Icelandic horse and the art of its riding is taught for more than 10 years. Since 2002 the horse yard has become indispensable from the national and international tournament scene. Optimal training facilities and international coaches provide a perfect education and training of horses and riders. High-profile sporting events - such as the Austrian Championships, World Championship qualifying events, IPZV tournaments as well as the FEIF Youth Cup - dominate the agenda of the “Islandpferde Reithof Piber”. "The magic gaits" is the slogan of the upcoming sport highlight, which is the World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2011 - from the 1st of August 2011 to 7th of August 2011 in St. Radegund / Upper Austria. For more information see: www.islandpferde-wm.at