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FEIF does not think there is basis to host both Landsmót and WC in 2011

13. júlí 2010 kl. 21:18

FEIF does not think there is basis to host both Landsmót and WC in 2011

FEIF has issued a release to the effect that there is no basis to host Landsmót and World Championship in 2011.
In a news release at their website they point to the tradition which has been to host these tournaments separately each year, and that a great number of horse lovers organize their summer vacations with that purpose in mind. The Icelandic horse world is not large enough to organize big events such as these with only a few weeks interval.

FEIF announces that they understand the situation here, and that both horse breeders and competition people would like to host a large event in the year 2011. But as the opinion prevails that it is not possible to host Landsmót and WC in the same year and the FEIF nations have their obligations to meet towards the WC, both FEIF and other member nations are putting emphasis on WC to be held in 2011.

The entire news release can be red here.

This news release does not directly say that FEIF is against Landsmót being hosted here in 2011, but rather that FEIF puts its “focus” on the WC 2011.  In the light of the statement which is put forward in the news release that there is no basis to host both tournaments in the same year, the stance of the organization is quite clear.

As reported in eidfaxi.is news last week, discussions are going on between the interested parties in order to find a solution in this matter that everyone can accept.

We will be keeping an eye on this matter here at Eiðfaxi and will forward news concerning this to our readers. Also we would like to urge people to participate in objective discussions and should they wish to express themselves they are welcome to send us a line to: hrafnkell@eidfaxi.is. –hg.