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FEIF conference 2010 was a success

5. mars 2010 kl. 23:02

FEIF conference 2010 was a success

The FEIF conference 2010 in Odinse in Denmark came to an end on Sunday, February 21st. The conference was formally opened by introducing the so called FEIF task force. Among other things, the group is expected to coordinate rules and regulations as well as work methods within the various divisions within FEIF. One Icelander was chosen into the group by the FEIF board, this was Sigbjörn Björnsson.

At the FEIF annual meeting, many changes on the FIPO rules were agreed upon, and also a new relevancy on the breeding assessments according FIZO. These new rules will be effective already at sports- and breeding shows. Like usually about 100 people from most of the FEIF member countries were present.

At the same time the WorldCup which was hosted by the Danes was held for the third time and was extremely successful. Guðlaugur Antonsson and Marlise Grimm were judges at the stallion show at the WorldCup. About 3.000 tickets were sold into the WorldCup at this time which is a record attendance.