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FEIF awarded Sigurbjörn awarded by FEIF

6. mars 2012 kl. 20:45

FEIF awarded Sigurbjörn awarded by FEIF

At the recent FEIF Delegates Assembly in Malmö, Sigurbjörn Bárðarson was awarded for his contribution to Icelandic equitation – for being an outstanding example of a rider who has been showing good and harmonious riding for many years.

The award is being granted in connection with the declaration made by the international organization which dedicates the year 2012 to harmonious exemplary equitation.  The organization wants to contribute to improved equitation with coordinated effort on behalf of all parties within the world of the Icelandic horse. The riders, judges, instructors and organizers of tournaments were urged to elevate coordinated and exemplary equitation in many different ways which will be explained in more detail in the second edition of the Eiðfaxi magazine.

Each year, FEIF grants awards to chosen individuals for their contribution to the international organization, Icelandic horse and/or the world of the Icelandic horse in some special manner. Eighteen individuals have been honored in this manner, and among them are Friðþjófur Þorkelsson, Jón Albert Sigurbjörnsson and Sigurður Sæmundsson.