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Faroese rider restricted from competition

1. mars 2012 kl. 10:10

Faroese rider restricted from competition

Board of the Faroese Icelandic horse clubs federation has sentenced the Faroese horseman Leif Berg into a two year long competition and show restriction from February 18th 2012 to February 2014. This is due to him allegedly having threatened and attacked the staff at a tournament in the Faroese Islands and also dishonoring the rules. This restriction was announced to FEIF and is according to the regulations relating to participation in all horse breeding shows, gæðinga- and sports competitions within the FEIF member countries. This is according to news in the home page of the international organization.

FEIF keeps a list of all riders which have received warnings and restrictions due to breach of regulations at the events of the member countries. The list can be viewed here.

Besides, Leif Berg there is one more rider who is restricted from competition; this is Madelen Johanson who was restricted because of controversial training methods, about two years ago.