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Fantastic training method for horses

14. júlí 2010 kl. 17:19

Fantastic training method for horses

Training horses by taking them out for a few days trip and letting them run free in a group, could be called a special Icelandic training method.

Despite all kinds of novelties with equipment and tools for training, we cannot but admit that this method is still being used here in Iceland, and there is nothing that will replace it.

Eiðfaxi was taking a trip around the area of Flóinn yesterday and passed a group of people herding horses. This proved to be Þórður Þorgeirsson who was along with his people training his horses and preparing them for shows.
According to Þórður, using this training method is great for the horses and there is nothing like it. The group intends to spend three to four days herding the horses and traveling between farms in Flóinn area. Nothing was totally organized, just watch how the horses are doing, “the main thing is to get going and not be stressed over anything” Þórður said as he mounted a beautiful chestnut mare.

The recorder of this article could not refrain from examining the group of horses very well, and not unlikely those within this group are winners in horse breeding shows of this summer.

Eiðfaxi also heard that Erlingur Erlingsson in Langholt had among others been traveling father south in the Flóinn area and the groups met at Ragnheiðarstaðir. In these two groups of herding were likely a few future horse materials and very likely that people in these groups had a great time.

It is good to know that our foremost show people and trainers still use these good old Icelandic training methods and that their values have not been forgotten. -hg