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Fantastic Orri

28. mars 2011 kl. 18:23

Fantastic Orri

Great joy and atmosphere was at the “Orri for 25 years” grand show, which proceeded before a large crowd of spectators sitting on the benches at the.....

Ölfus arena last weekend. Anticipation was clear from the beginning of the show and the spectators were not disappointed to witness the most memorable show of the year, so far. 

It took almost four hours to review the affect Orri frá Þúfu has had on horse breeding in Iceland in 30 different events. The opening event was especially festive and it touched strings in the hearts of the audience to see the old champ surrounded by the people who care for him. He received rye bread as a gift from Rúna Einarsdóttur Zingsheim, who trained Orri and showed him for the first time, but she was not able to attend the show.
The events were presented, one after another, and none of them taking too much time. For the most part these were devoted to the offspring from the sons of Orri, where beautiful and talented offspring will be able to carry on the talents of Orri into the future. One glamorous show after another was a testimony of the talent, gait capacity, roominess and the reliable temperament which is characteristic or Orri. The pace springs through the Ölfus arena were also great and many that evening, emphasizing the great reputation of this fantastic gæðingur.
The organizers of the “Orri for 25 years” show can be proud of this ceremonious event. Everything was done in a great manner and the show had a great flow to it. Although the audience rows were quite crowded there was great joy amongst the spectators who cheered greatly to the events they were watching. 
Sveinn Guðmundsson and Indriði Ólafsson were celebrated during the festive opening event.  Photo/Sigurður Sigmundsson