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Fákur grand show – video clip

6. maí 2010 kl. 16:12

Fákur grand show – video clip

Saturday, May 1st, Fákur horse club held its annual grand show. This show was welcome to horse people dealing with the cold virus, which has come down hard horses in many stables. This also had a negative affect on the show, as some horses were absent due to the infection.

Evidently, all seats were sold up at the show, and the atmosphere in the arena was very good.

The events at the show were diverse, breeding horses were presented, gæðingar presented with riders of all ages and then there were fun events at the show also.  

Events where young riders were imitating some of the older and more known riders was a success and the arena was filled with laughter.

No less than 20 women from the Fákur horse club rode entertaining tölt bows under the control of Ragnar Petersen the master of tölt bows – and this even was very successful.

Here is a video clip from most of the events. Enjoy!