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Fákaflug at Vindheimamelar on Labor Day weekend

14. júlí 2010 kl. 14:12

Fákaflug at Vindheimamelar on Labor Day weekend

Eiðfaxi made a phone call north to Skagafjörður this morning in order to get further information on Fákaflug which will be held on Labor Day weekend. The preparations are in full action and clearly there will be lots of fantastic stuff going on in Skagafjörður.

There will be competition in both A and B class gæðingar along with all the younger classes, tölt, 100 m pace and the traditional racing. Also there will be great breeding shows.

Also, there will be action and entertainment in the evenings because the singer Helgi Björns and his group “Riders of the wind” (Reiðmenn vindanna) will be playing at a dance on Friday night. On Saturday, the group Hvannadalsbræður and Magni will be playing and on Sunday the group SSsól will keep up the fun.

It is quite clear that the people of Skagafjörður are not going to be discouraged; they are intent to put their ambition and force into Fákaflug which will undoubtedly will turn out great. Eiðfaxi will be keeping an eye on the preparations and will also tell its readers the news on this along with a detailed program, when it is released. -hg