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Excellent initiative on behalf of two girls

11. febrúar 2011 kl. 12:26

Excellent initiative on behalf of two girls

Another herding tournament was held last weekend where almost two hundred people were present in the riding arena in Mosfellsbær. The tournament was very successful and when all the registration fees and donation fees had been collected, a total of Ikr 146.581 was delivered to the Association for children with cancer.

The Hörður herding tournament was held for the first time in the winter of 2010. The idea came from Súsanna Katarína Guðmundsdóttir and Harpa Sigríður Bjarnadóttir when they were present at a herding tournament of VÍS Masters League in 2009.

In a letter which they sent to the media, they say that they wanted to host a similar tournament in the Hörður horse club. “So we started making trophies, which we did in the school break. After school they positioned the cones to define the tracks. At the 2010 tournament there were many registrations and everyone in a great mood and consequently the tournament was more successful than had been expected,” is among the comments these clever girls mention in their letter.

Eiðfaxi welcomes the magnificent initiative on behalf of the girls Súsanna Katarína and Harpa Sigríður. According to the photos form this tournament, there was lots of fun an action at the Hörður riding hall last weekend.