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Everything on hold at Auðsholtshjáleiga

11. maí 2010 kl. 15:50

Everything on hold at Auðsholtshjáleiga

Eiðfaxi called Kristbjörga and her daughter Þórdís Erla at Auðsholtshjáleiga in order to inquire about the situation on their farm and their horses is.

Have the horses at Auðsholtshjáleiga been sick?

Kristbjörg: Yes, we have noticed some of them with runny noses and a little sick. But then we were lucky not to be the first ones with sick horses, so we were able to lean from other peoples experiences.

What is the situation now?
Kristbjörg: The girls, (Þórdís Erla, Artemisia and Bylgja) have been showing great care concerning the horses. They have been resting horses and some of them have had minimum training. We would rather that they did not get temperature, especially the stallions, as this can harm their sperm.

Þórdís Erla: Actually I think that both cough and mucus is increasing. I think that all the horses, more or less are showing some symptoms of the sickness, and therefore their training is put on hold at this time. We have only been riding horses with insignificant symptoms, but those horses got sicker because of that, so now all our horses are being rested.

You are registered for the breeding assessment in Víðidalur on Monday.
Kristbjörg: I am not sure that the girls will participate in the show. Of course we are aware of not to strain the horses, although they seem healthy, because bacterial infection can materialize from the exertion.

Þórdís Erla: Exactly, we have also decided to deactivate the registrations for the horses we had for the show in Víðidalur.

And thereby we bid both mother and daughter farewell and thank them for the chat.