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Estimated value of Tenór frá Túnsbergi 33 million Ikr

10. febrúar 2010 kl. 21:51

Estimated value of Tenór frá Túnsbergi 33 million Ikr

A corporation has been established around the great talent Tenór frá Túnsbergi. There are a total of sixty shares in the company and the value of each of them is Ikr 550.000. This means that the total value of the horse is a small 33 million Ikr.
The breeders of the horse, Gunnar Kristinn Eiríksson and Magga Brynjólfsdóttir in Túnsberg, say that the reason for establishing the corporation is that they sensed a great interest in keeping the horse within Iceland. Last fall the idea was to sell the horse out of the country and there were a few foreigners who had already showed the horse a great interest. When the word got out, Gunnar and Magga found great interest from people to keep the horse within Iceland. This horse has great talent and received none less than 9.15 for capacity at the county show at Sörlastaðir in Hafnarfjörður in May last. He received 9.5 for tölt, trot, spirit and temperament and 9.0 for pace, presence and slow canter.

In order to review a little, Tenor is out of the world champion and stallion with the highest rated BLUP today, Garri frá Reykjavík and the daughter of Gáski, Staka frá Litlu-Sandvík.

The horse trainer Erlingur Erlingsson in Langholt holds the credit for having trained Tenór which he presented for the first time in the spring of 2007 when the horse was only 4 years old. He went straight to the first prize receiving 8.33 for talent, in spite of having been shown as a four gaited horse. Tenór is still with Erlingur, and when asked about the continuation of the horse, Gunnar says that for the time being he will not be going for another assessment; on the other hand he will be presented at another setting this summer. Eiðfaxi is doing some guessing and figures that they aim to take the champ to a gæðinga competition, so perhaps we will get to see the horse at an oval track in the near future. He should do well there, this talented, spirited and self-assertive gæðingur.