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Equitation is a new FT competition event

15. febrúar 2011 kl. 12:38

Equitation is a new FT competition event

 A new competition event from the Association of Trainers called "FT Equitation"  is surfacing. Yesterday the idea behind this was...

introduced and new the rules applying to the competition . Tomorrow there will be an introduction on how the competition event will be handled by the judges. All information concerning the matter will be released with advance notice of possible changes, and the board is still working on the matter.

This competition event can be held inside or outside.
The competition is structured on mandatory events and a voluntary presentation.
The size of the course should be a minimum of 20X40m and maximum size 40X80m. The competitor starts and ends his performance  by bowing with only one hand on the rein. This can be performed during standstill or in motion.
Walk, trot, tölt and canter should be performed. These gaits should be shown both on a straight and a curved track. It is not sufficient to show a gait during practice. Pace can be performed if the track is 60 meters long or more. In the judgement great emphasis should be put on the start and the final part of the pace. Special emphasis is on the procedure of slowing down and that it is done softelyand fairness towards the horse. The horse should be on tölt before it reaces the curve.
Competitors must perform limbering - as well as collecting exercises which are useful when training the Icelandic horse. Prior to a competition the competitor shall return a list to the judges showing the exercises they plan to show in the competition. If unconventional exercises are to be shown, descriptions should be presented.
Loose rein should be performed.
This is a competition in equitation, which is both in hand as well as equitation. Each performance should be at least 8 minutes long and maximum 10 minutes. The riding part is 6 to 8 minutes and work in hand 2 to 4 minutes. The competitor will be informed with a sign when his time is up.
Competitors can bring more than one horse. This cannot delay the show, and it is allowed to bring an assistant. Should a competitor ride and bring one or more extra horses which he shows without riding them, it will be considered as in hand work. Equipment is voluntary. FEIF regulations on shoeing/feet apply.
Riding helmet is mandatory.
Permissible to ride without tack. More simplicity in tack can give higher points.
Það getur gefið hærri einkunn að sýna atriði án stuðnings af girðingu eða vegg.
Það eru gefin mínusstig fyrir grófar ábendingar.
Góð tónlist sem fellur vel að verkefninu getur gefið hærri einkunn.
To begin with judges will be FT masters within FT Association of Trainers, but later on there will be judges with a special training.
Higher scores can be obtained if difficult and demanding events are performed with high performance skills.
Fun, to the point show with an organized and systematic structure give higher grades. Scrappy, unorganized and boring show will give minus. Also, if the show contains many features with excessively long routes.
Competitors can bring with them nontraditional tools and equipment in order to spice up the voluntary part of the show. This equipment cannot be a cause for delay for the show nor that an intermission has to be done while the equipment is positioned. Equipment can be for example, balls, cones, fire, flags, tackles, umbrellas or dogs, to mention a few.
Judges will explain the conclusion at the end of the competition.