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EIÐFAXI - Online Magazine

25. janúar 2010 kl. 21:47

EIÐFAXI - Online Magazine

As many of you have already noticed, the publication of Eiðfaxi from 2006 until today is now available online and open for all to read. Step by step, the plan is to put all the Eiðfaxi publication online, from the first issue in 1977.

The digital version online, is exactly like the printed version, but with very exciting additional options, which the latest technology allows us to present.


You go through the magazine, by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by clicking the mouse point on the upper right corner of the page and drag it to the left. You can also choose to go directly to a page, by typing it's number in the box that is at the bottom of the page, in the middle. The magazine's index is linked to the articles in the magazine, so you can click a headline and go straight to that article.

The search

A very powerful search engine makes it possible to type in a search word in all the publication in the archive.


In the digital version online, there are videos in the articles, connected to photos. This makes the magazine very much alive and educative matters become more interesting and efficient.


For those who advertise in the magazines, it is very interesting to now be able to keep the advertisements alive on the web and from the digital Eiðfaxi, they are linked to the advertisers’ web page.

The future of the digital magazine

Until March 1st, the access to the digital magazine will be free of charge. After that, the subscribers of Eiðfaxi International will become free access. One can also become a subscriber to the digital version alone.

Simply click here, or follow this link to read the digital version of Eiðfaxi: