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Edda Rún and Siggi Matt made drastic changes: Sold the riding school!

18. júní 2010 kl. 22:15

Edda Rún and Siggi Matt made drastic changes: Sold the riding school!

The couple Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir and Sigurður Vignir Matthíasson have sold the Reykjavík Riding School with the contract being signed today. The buyers are Þórdís Jensdóttir and Óskar Sæberg, as well as the couple Baldur Björnsson and Jónína Guðrún Heiðarsdóttir in Múlakot.

Edda and Siggi have been running the riding school business for nine summers and with every passing year the attendance and popularity of the courses have increased.

Edda says that selling the business was a difficult decision and was very hard for both of them. They received a good offer for the business, although they had not been advertising the school for sale.
We have thoroughly enjoyed running the riding school. The kids coming for the courses are so much fun and also our staff has been great, just first class. So this decision was truly difficult” Edda Rún says.

As everyone knows the couple has been very prominent at the large horse tournaments, both here at home and also internationally. So this is a simple math of two plus two and we realize that it is not a simple thing to coordinate the work at the riding school, traveling and competition both here and abroad, in the short Icelandic summers.

“That is true. We have been running the riding school with one of us always there. This has often been difficult, because both of us are eager to participate in competitions. Also we have a family and want to take care of our family, so this was a question of priorities, and this was the outcome. But I have to say that my heart is acing, I am going to miss the children in the riding school a lot and also the action and fun around them.  But they are in good hands; there is no question of that. It also helps to know that the people that are taking over are good people.”

What is next on the agenda for Siggi and Edda? Well, they have rented the farmland of Kotströnd in Ölfus and intend to practice their horse riding there for a while. Although they plan to keep their horses next winter in their stables in Reykjavík.

“It is wonderful riding out in this area, although we do not do a lot of that at the moment, due to the disease. Also it is great that my sister Jóna Magga dn Viðgar Ingólfsson my brother in law live on the next farm, Kvíarhóll. Also there are good neighbors everywhere in the Ölfus area, so we are looking forward to good times, there is no question of that.” Edda Rún says at last, lively as usually.

Eiðfaxi wishes the couple good luck in their “new” challenges this summer.