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Dynur frá Hvammi for sale

19. nóvember 2009 kl. 08:57

Dynur frá Hvammi for sale

On the home page www.hest.is it says that the stallion Dynur frá Hvammi is for sale. Dynur was already presented when he was 4 years old, having great potential as a four gated horse and received 1st prize and a total score of 8.03. Dynur received his highest assessment in the year 2000 and a total score of 8.47. He is equal as far as presence and qualities and received 8.32 for conformation and 8.57 for talents and 9.5 for tölt and spirit. From the breeding horse track he was presented at the gæðinga competition where he received 2nd place in B-class at the 202 Landsmót, receiveing a score of 8.89. Dynur was presented by Þórður Þorgeirsson on all of these occations. At the Landsmót 2008, Dynur was assessed for his offspring receiving 1st prize.

The offspring of Dynur frá Hvammi have been quite prominent for the past years for their fantastic achievements. They all carry themselves very well, have high shoulders and a good neck, they are especially attractive with long legs and very handsome. Often they have great tail and mane and they are glowing with excellence.

Out of Dynur have come a number of front line competition horses and it seems like his offspring is equal in assessment both on the breeding horse track as well as on the competition track.

A corporation was established for Dynur in 2001 which also is his owner today.

Dynur is 15 years old and it has been decided to look around for a new owner. Offers will be accepted for the horse, and they should be received no later than November 5th next. Every offer will be answered and the corporation reserves the right to deny all of them, should that be necessary. The offers should be sent to the e-mail address elka@simnet.is.

It is possible to take a look at some photos and get further information on Dynur at www.dynur847.com and www.hest.is.