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Devoted Friends Organization of the Saga center established

17. júní 2010 kl. 11:48

Devoted Friends Organization of the Saga center established

There was a turning point in the operation of the Saga Center of the Icelandic horse in the spring of 2010 when the organization was provided with housing for its operation at Hólar; facilities for their show-, research- and working facilities. This is an old horse stable which was built in 1931 on the foundation of the old school house which burnt down in the twenties.

Ahead is a very expensive operation because of necessary restoration on the facilities and setup of the entire show of the Icelandic horse. The plan is to open the first stage of three this summer of 2010. For that reason the Devoted Friends Organization has been established, to contribute to the development of a powerful, international information saga center of the Icelandic horse. The Saga Center is located in Skagafjörður, servicing the entire Icelandic horse world.

Individuals, corporations and organizations can become Devoted Friends and help support the development by dong the following:

1. Support by paying the amount of Ikr 5.000 or 10.000 pr year - a payment slip would be sent annually (Sept. 1st).
2. Give items to the Saga Center such as, photos, documents and such connected to the Icelandic horse.
3. Voluntary contribution, see the account number here below.

Account number: 1125-05-252010
ID number: 471206-0320

Those who choose the third option, which is to contribute into the account directly, they will automatically become Devoted Friends. Others need to send an e-mail or call in order to register.
Should a Devoted Friend choose to be anonymous, we kindly ask that they convey a message to that affect to the Saga Center of the Icelandic horse.

Further information and registration:
www.sogusetur.is, friend@sogusetur.is, tel. 455 6345 and cell nr. 896 2339.

When registering, we ask people to give us the following information: Name, ID number, home address, postal code, home telephone number and cell phone number.

The Saga Center would like to convey their gratefulnes to all those who already have supported them in one way or the other.