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Could horse breeding shows be a one day entertainment for a single evening?

13. ágúst 2010 kl. 14:58

Could horse breeding shows be a one day entertainment for a single evening?

Last night, members of the horse club Sörli hosted a very clever event which they call “Summer-tölt”, which is a tölt competition which was a one day event, coming to a conclusion that same evening, hosted during the middle of the week – short and to the point. We want to use the opportunity to thank them for this enjoyable event. But how about taking this idea a step further and use it for other events, for example horse breeding assessments?

Limited developments in spite of successful attempts
Undeniably it makes us wonder about the fact that tournaments in Iceland have not been developed or adjusted further during the past thirty years or so. Most often, when it comes to tournaments, they commence for a whole weekend and often than not for one or two additional days.    

The method of hosting tournaments on a regular basis during the summer has been tried out by the Pace-club as the tradition is to host it regularly during the summer, at night in the middle of the week.    

For people interested in horses it is ideal to have the opportunity  to watch a horse competition for one night, just like going to the football field and watch a game of football or go to a movie for one evening.

Therefore we hope that enterprising people might see an opportunity in organizing a tournament with this kind of profile, which could be a kind of a tölt competition which would be held during the evening on a regular basis during the summer, possibly with some special final event at the end of the season.

When this has become a tradition, there is hardly any doubt that it would be popular to spend one summer evening in good weather and watch great tölt competition which takes no more than two hours.

What about breeding assessments?

This idea could also be implemented for breeding assessments. Why is it necessary to host breeding assessments at large shows, where many hundred horses and interested spectators have to take a vacation in order to watch all of it, and the hosts have to prepare and present dozens of horses in just a few days?

Would it not be possible for breeding shows to take place one day a week throughout the whole summer?

For example, assessment of breeding horses could take place every Wednesday. They could take place in different places each time, Hella – Selfoss – Víðidalur – Hafnarfjörður, once a month at each place.  Assessment would take place during the day and the overview show in the evening.
This way, the stress would be much less for those who make a living from training and showing horses, horse breeders would always have a chance to present the horse at the point in time where they think the horse is in the best shape and ready for the action. The stress and burden that both people and horses have to go through around the time when there is a horse breeding show, would diminish or even disappear.

Also, it could be argued that this arrangement would be more spectator friendly, interested parties could monitor which horses appear for assessment that day and look at the overview that evening in order to be able to watch whatever they are most interested in.

Although the examples mentioned here are in the areas south of Iceland, of course this could easily be applied to other parts of the country.
Certainly, larger shows could be hosted along with this arrangement or more days could be assigned per week for breeding shows, if this arrangement works well. At least this is an idea worth examining further. -hg