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Cool hotshots; action and presence

4. maí 2010 kl. 18:15

Cool hotshots; action and presence

The couple, Sigurður V. Matthíasson and Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir have been busy all winter, to say the least. They are training hard for the breeding shows ahead and the Landsmót preliminaries. Many people are visiting, as the sales horses are many going through their stables in Víðidalus, also lots of time goes into instructions. There are exciting horses in the stables.

“We aim to take quite many horses for assessment and competition” says Siggi Matt who is busy, but gives us a chance for a short chat. “There are many fantastic stallions here in this stable. One of them is Byr frá Mykjunesi, a promising son of Kjarkur who scored 8.41 for conformation, then only 4 years old. We also have a fantastic five gated horse from the son of Klettur who will be six years old this spring, owned by my father in law, Ragnar Hinriksson. A skewbald son of Rökkvi, who will also turn six years old, this is a very promising horse, and then the gæðingur Bruni frá Skjólbrekku should be mentioned, who will likely be taken to both the breeding assessment and the A-class at Landsmót. We are aiming to take Kalli frá Dalvík to the tölt and B-class, Birtingur frá Selási will be aiming for the A-class for the first time, and the same can be said about Töfri frá Hafragili, who is a magnificent flying pace horse.”
These are only a few of our gæðingar, as we have in the stable a daughter of Leiknir, who is turning six years old, considered a great four gaited mare, a few young 4 year old mares, among which is one very promising out of Svaki frá Miðsitju, two 5 year old foals out of Huginn frá Sauðárkrókur, aiming for assessment and the siblings Verona frá Árbæ, out of Aron frá Strandarhöfði, and Viktor frá Feti, out of Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum. The two last ones are out of the same mother, out of the gæðinga mare Vigdís frá Feti, who is also the mother of Vilmundur frá Feti. “Then two sons of Álfasteinn are yet to be mentioned, and those are Askur frá Ketilsstöðum, who has already been assessed with a score of 8.6 for conformation and Smekkur frá Högnastöðum. Smekkur is the son of the gæðinga mare Gerpla frá Högnastöðum, who had the highest assessment in the class of mares 6 years and older at the Landsmót 1990” says Siggi Matt and is getting restless, the day is coming to an end and time is precious.

 As we speak, Edda Rún appears, and her horses are no less impressive. “I am aiming to take Hreimur frá Fornusöndum to the A-class, he is a favorite of mine and has never been better than he is now,” she says. “Also, I am hoping to be presenting a new horse into the A-class, Son of Sær, Súkkó frá Kálfhóll 2. He is a very cool horse and a very promising five gaited horse with great movements. This is all going into the right directions, but the next few weeks will reveal whether this all comes together for us. Also, I have two queens which I am aiming to take for assessment; those are Ísafold frá Kommu and Gerpla frá Ólafsbergi, who is a powerful first prize mare out of Glampi frá Vatnsleysu. Gerpla´s gaits are even, she has great movements and presence. All of the horses we are presenting are very exciting horses“ Edda Rún says, lively as usually as she rushes off.

The cold bug which has been going around has slowed down considerably the pace of the training of Edda Rún and Siggi and many of their horses were covered with blankets, with a runny nose and cough. “The horses showing cold like symptoms are not being trained and we give them time to get well. It is fortunate that this bug came up now and not in the middle of breeding shows and competition. We hope this will be over soon, so that both horses and riders can rejoice again, Siggi says at last.