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Comprehensive care for horses’ health

16. apríl 2010 kl. 20:42

August Hofmann attending to a horse at his farm, Rappenhof.

Comprehensive care for horses’ health

August Hofmann from Germany is a great friend of Iceland visiting here on a regular basis. He is a breeder, riding instructor, physical therapist and gives osteopathy. Additionally, August is a breeder of the three times world champion Týr vom Rappenhof.

Presently, August is here in Iceland, in order to instruct Icelandic horse people and trainers about the science of horses´ motion and how it is possible to improve their muscular-skeletal system, their balance and thereby the harmony of the horses’ movements, with the correct treatment.

The process that August takes the horses and the riders he is treating is such that he watches the horse while lunging it, also while the horse is running free and with a rider on its back. He watches the horses’ movements closely, asking about the origin of the horse, its feed and other matters and he will pat the horse also.  Thirty years of experience makes it possible for him to determine the condition of the horse, whether it is stiff in some places, whether it is having discomfort or pain anywhere and so forth. Consequently he will make plans to fix what he finds is not right. This he will do with the trainer or the owner of the horse. Many times he will use his skills as a chiropractor, he will also do stretching exercises on the horse and he will ask the rider in detail about the horses’ response to various signals.

This evening, August will give a lecture and demonstration at the Hólar University and will share his experience with the students.

This is truly interesting, and in the next edition of Eiðfaxi we will dig deeper into the theories of August Hofmanns.