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Chat with horse training master Reynir Aðalsteinsson

14. júlí 2010 kl. 13:53

Chat with horse training master Reynir Aðalsteinsson

Eiðfaxi made a phone call to Reynir Aðalseinsson in order to get further information about the study called “The horse rider” which has been offered at the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri. This study is also a joint effort between the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri, Icelandic Horse Clubs Federation and the Association of Horse farmers.

This course can be attended along with other work and is planned for amateur horse people older than 16 years of age who are interested in improving their horsemanship and knowledge in horse breeding. This vocational study will be held one weekend each month from September and until April. The academic part of it is taken parallel through the schools study web. The Horse Rider course was first offered in 2008 and that group graduated last spring.  This fall the course will be offered in five new locations; at Hérað, Akureyri, Borgarnes, Hafnarfjörður and Flúðir. There are also study groups at Hella and the Dalur Horse Center who all will presumably be graduating next spring. Many instructors will be teaching in the vocational study group but the guarantor of the study is the horse training master Reynir Aðalsteinsson.

But let us hear what Reynir has to say about the study and the instruction:

“People are at different levels when they start and it could be said that people with all kinds of different background and experience is attending. The first part of the study is what we call horsemanship and this is where we, among other things, discuss the mental element of it, conduct with the horse and physical expression. Then there are elements such as working with the reins, and seat where emphasis is put on teaching the student how to master control in direction and speed which often can prove difficult to those who have just been riding freely on the straight pathway. Things like contact with the horse through the rein and collection is taught when that time comes and then there is the horse breeding factor which is something we will tackle later on in the course of the studies.”

“The horses people bring are checked out in the very beginning, and if we do not feel that they are suitable, the student is instructed on what type of horse he needs to have in order to get the most out of the studies, although we do not make requirements for people to have a thoroughly trained competition horse for this purpose.”

“Very few people have desisted from the studies and most of those who have completed this course of study are interested in learning more, so we have in the works further studies for that group.”

What do you think that people have mostly gained from this study?
“This kind of study has proven very valuable for those who want to improve as horse people and riders. Many are interested in participating in competition, but have not had the knowledge or experience for it. But through this course, the students are prepared for that kind of thing. Part of the study is competition which is set up and which is very popular, as it is always enjoyable to compete with those who are at a similar level as you.”

“For those who are interested in horse breeding, this is also a very good course. People learn how to evaluate the horses as well as build up and prepare the horses for breeding assessment, whether they themselves ride the horses or get professionals to ride for them.”

“Also people think it is important to have goals, and to be able to, little by little move at a higher level, with the instruction as a background. The study will be a part of their lives and a new world in horsemanship will open up to them.”

We want to thank Reynir for the chat and the information on this exciting possibility for horse people which is being offered to them.

Reynis is a man who without hesitation can be called the godfather of Icelandic horse riding. His track record as a riding instructor, horse trainer, riding in competition, horse breeder and a horse man in the broadest understanding of that word, is fantastic and there are not many people who possess more experience and knowledge on the Icelandic horse and horsemanship. Therefore it can truly be said that it is a quite a blessing for students to enjoy the guidance from a man like Reynir. - hg