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Brimfaxi horse club in Grindavík

15. júlí 2010 kl. 20:48

Brimfaxi horse club in Grindavík

Last winter we posted news on the horse people in Grindavík gathering together and established a new horse club, named Brimfaxi. The members are a total of 64 persons.

The horse people in Grindavík did not stop at that because now they have started building a riding arena and horse stables at Grindavík. Eiðfaxi made a phone call to Pétur Bragason the chairman of Brimfaxi in order to find out more about the prospective projects of those fireballs of Grindavík.

The riding arena will be a magnificent 63x26 meters in size and stables for about 50-75 horses will also be built in this phase. Financing is well under way but the people of Brimfaxi have made a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of a grant amounting to seven million Icelandir krónur. The community of Grindavík will be supplying fifty million krónur and then the members have collected ten million krónur themselves with donations from various sources.
Brimfaxi has already applied for membership to the Sports Club of the South peninsula and therefore they will be members of the Icelandic Horse Clubs Federations and the Icelandic Sports Club Association.

Here below some drawings of the prospective buildings can be viewed and seemingly this construction will be a fantastic one. -hg.