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Breeding assessment of 2009

11. desember 2009 kl. 09:30

Breeding assessment of 2009

Last October, towards the end of the 2009 horse show period, the breeding horse assessment was evaluated according to materials found in WorldFeng. This time there were a total of 267.221 horses in the evaluation. Of those a total of 30.259 been evaluated in eleven countries; Iceland 22.930, Sweden 2.633, Denmark 2.046, Norway 741, Finland 197, Germany 1.244, Austria 114, Switzerland 43, Holland 147, Britain 30 and the USA with 134 horses. This was brought forth in a report made by Dr. Þorvaldur Árnason, which can be found on a link on the website (e. Virtual Mate Selection).

According to Jón Baldur Lorange, WF project manager WF, Belgium, Canada and Slovenia will be included in the next breeding evaluation which will be calculated in June 2010 before the Landsmót held at Vindheimamelar

Source: www.worldfengur.com