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Artemisia proves herself through her work

22. febrúar 2012 kl. 20:10

Artemisia proves herself through her work

„I have received great reaction from people. It is great fun and very motivating for me to do even better „says Artemisia Bertus who is the highest scoring rider of the Masters League, but as most people are aware of, she is the winner of both the four gaits as well as the gæðinga agility.

Artemisia is a self employed horse trainer and her facilities are at Ingólfshvoll where she keeps 23 horses. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that she has been under great demand for the past weeks. „I have noticed people´s interest in bringing their horses to me for training which is a great honor for me. But I have limitid space in my facilities and I do not want to take on too many horses. Also I am the kind of rider who prefers to train the horses over a long period of time „she says, but in fact it is her clienteles which she has worked for in the past years, the owners of Gestüt Sunnaholt in Germany who are the owners of the most fantastic gæðingar Óskar frá Blesastöðum 1A and Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli, as well as other horses which Artemisia is training.  „I am working together with these fantastic people. They have given me space to train the horses for a long period of time and it makes all the difference to me. Also, they have always believed in me and given me both space and freedom. I have used my time to build up the horses in a systematic manner, with great patience and meticulousness. Rome was not built in one day and good things happen over a long period of time,“ Artemisia rightfully says.

When asked what is behind her successful achievements, Artemisia says that it matters to keep her goals high and dare to dream on. „My success in the Masters League has always come to me as a pleasant surprise, but on the other hand I knew that I had fantastic horses. I always aim high - on the other hand I never say this aloud. I like to prove myself through the work that I do. I think it is best to surprise both myself as well as other people.“

Today, Artemisia will be presenting Óskar and this will be his first experience in a tölt competition. There are probably many who are waiting with anticipation to see whether her good success will continue. On the other hand, Artemisia does not let her success or pressure interrupt her and tries to take her time prepare herself. „I continue training horses just like I have always done and am careful not to over-train them. Also, I allow myself to look forward to the competition. My Hrímnir team-mates also have great horses and I hope this will turn out for the best for all of us“ Artemisia says. Her team mates are no beginners; the winner in the tölt competition from last year is a member of the Hrímnir team, Viðar Ingólfsson. He will be bringing the mare Vornótt frá Hólabrekku. On the other hand, John Kristinn will be bringing the stallion Tónn frá Melkoti, and they were the winners in the Golden toelt competition late last summer´s Golden tölt competition.
The tölt competition will start in the Ölfus arena ar 19 30 hrs and the admission fee is 1.500 Ikr.

The tournament will also be broadcasted here on the Eiðfaxi web.