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Árbakki family with great ambitions

20. apríl 2010 kl. 17:32

Árbakki family with great ambitions

 “Overall, we aim to take 15-20 horses for preliminary in preparation for Landsmót. These horses are all very presentable, but this spring it will become clearer exactly how many horses are ready for competition or show” says Hinrik Bragason, horse breeder and horseman at Árbakki in Rangárþing.

A few known names are amongst the gæðingar in the stables of the couple Hinni Braga and Hulda Gústafs at Árbakki. A few should be mentioned, such as Aron frá Strandarhöfði, Ófeigur frá Þorláksstöðum, Náttar frá Þorláksstöðum, Kjuði frá Kirkjuferjuhjáleigu, Sveigur frá Varmadal and the new star Héðinn frá Feti.

“Most likely about ten horses from our farm will be taken for breeding assessment. Héðinn is best known of those horses. In this group there are a few young mares, which are we are training here and also mares out of our own breeding. Among these is one presentable mare out of Hnokki frá Fellskoti born in Fellskot. We are hoping to be able to present Aron for honorary award with his offspring, but he will also be presented in the individual competition.

We will be bringing Ófeigur into the A-class if everything goes as expected. He has been in training and swimming at Hólaborg, as he is recovering from injury. We will see how this goes. Straumur frá Breiðholti, Sámur frá Litlu-Brekku, Smári frá Kollaleiru and Glymur frá Flekkudal are also nominees for the A-class and then there are Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli, Náttar frá Þorláksstöðum, Sveigur frá Varmadal and Kjuði frá Kirkjuferjuhjáleigu strong B-class hoses.“ Some of the above mentioned horses will also be participating for a place at the Landsmót tölt competition, but for the past years only 30 of the best tölt horses in the country have been participating in the competition.

For the past two Landsmót, the whole family at Árbakki has been taking part in the competition and this time they aim for good results for the third tournament in a row. The young adults at this farm, Edda Hrund and the promising trainer Jón Bjarni Smárason, will do their utmost, but also Gústaf Ásgeir is aiming to compete for one of the top seats in the young adults class. “We are all very ambitious and full of anticipation. We consider ourselves possessing really strong horses, but it all depends whether they are ready at the correct time and how well they do at the preliminary. If all goes well, of course we aim for good results at Landsmót. This is the final goal and therefore we are all ambitiously training here all day long“ says Hinrik lighthearted as usually, concluding the conversation and hurries up, there are many things to take care of.