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Aiming high with Ás - Interview with Henna Johanna Sírén

25. febrúar 2011 kl. 12:03

Aiming high with Ás - Interview with Henna Johanna Sírén

Henna Johanna Sirén competed for the first time in the Masters League last night,  which was quite memorable. Her horse, Ás frá Strandarhjáleigu.....

got spooked and seemed to be somewhat shocked because of all the commotion in the Ölfus arena.  On the other hand, everyone present saw that this is a fantastic horse, like the photo with this report shows, and his performance would undoubtedly have been great.

Eiðfaxi called the talented Henna, who is a horse tainer from Finland, soon to be 24 years old. She has worked and lived here for five years and is presently working for Elvar the father and his son Þormar at Strandarhjáleiga. She caught some attention at the last Landsmót when she was on top after the preliminary riding Gormur frá Fljótshólum.

What happened yesterday?

"We knew that there was a chance that this would happen. The horse is sensitive and has been spooked by loud noise and if there is a lot of commotion around him. But we have been trying to get him used to this. So when the time came it was difficult to get him to enter the arena and he was on the break so to speak all the time. I could have taken Gormur to this competition and presented the show securely. But we decided to take the risk because if Ás had got over the fear, he would have done so well, " she said.

 Ás frá Strandarhjáleigu is a seven year old horse and Henna is the owner, he is out of Þristur frá Feti and Skíma frá Búlandi. "I have known him since he was four years old and I trained him along with Elvar. This is a very soft riding horse with high and wide movement, but as became evident yesterday, he is a little sensitive.“

So when will we see you and Ás again in the Masters League?
"Well, I do not know, " she says laughing. "Ás is not likely to participate in the loose rein tölt!“

Henna says that she is training a very promising daughter of Illingur frá Tóftum, who is a possible competition horse for her in the five gait event to be held in two weeks. "The guys in the team are evaluating her with me, fortunately the case is not that they will not let me enter the track after what happened yesterday" she says joyfully.

Henna will be entering competitions with Ás this winter and spring and is aiming to participate in many tournaments with this beautiful horse. "We plan to be active in the competitions and see what happens, the experience is good. He has it all and should be able to do really well," Henna says at last.