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Aim for horse export in August

25. júní 2010 kl. 21:04

Aim for horse export in August

The aim is to start horse export again around the middle of August, says Kristinn Guðnason, chairman of the Association of Horse Breeders. This will not materialize unless the health of the horses is in perfect shape as the export of horses has been on hold because of the cough disease which in recent months most horses in this country have been infested with. This was the conclusion of a meeting between interested parties which was held yesterday.

“What is happening at this time, is that increasingly our horses are gaining back their health" Kristinn said yesterday, and he also said that he was more optimistic than before. When asked about the situation of horse breeders in the country, Kristinn said that many foals were being born and that horse breeders are not hesitating to lead their mares to stallions.

He said that three horse breeding shows were now being prepared. As of yesterday, almost 200 horses had been registered for breeding shows. Already about 240 horses have been assessed this summer, but at the same time during the Landsmót year of 2008, about 1.500 had been assessed.

Kristinn said that the message from the Food Institution was clear, and that care would be taken with preparation of longer horse trips that are presently being planned and that the district vets would be watching out for the horses.

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