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Aðventa frá Skarði

29. desember 2011 kl. 13:48

Aðventa frá Skarði

In the middle of December, Herta frá Skarði delivered a red mare foal with a star at Minna-Hof in Gnúpverjahreppur. The owner of the mare, Elvar Eiríksson did not know that the mare was pregnant so this came to a surprise to him....

„For example last summer, the mare went for a 10 day tough horse trail, from Gnúpverjahreppur all the way westward to Hótel Eldborg and back. The farmers at Hæli Gnúpverjahreppur are the caretakers for the horses out in pasture and they had been feeding the horses two days earlier and not seen any signs to the effect that the mare was pregnant or ready to deliver. Therefore the foal was one or two days old by the time we saw it“ Elvar says, who drove directly out of town and east to the farm Hæli when he received this news. „I put both the mare and foal on a horse trailer, with the assistance of my partners, and they are at this time at Unnarholtskot in Hrunamannahreppur and are being well taken care of, considering the time of year this foal was born. They have shelter and can walk outside when they please.“

Herta is milking well and the foal is very lively and extremely playful, according to Elvar. And of course it was named accordingly; Aðventa or Advent in English and named after the farm Skarð in Gnúpverjarhreppur. At this time it is not known who the sire of Aðventa is. „There are two stallions with great lineage; both owned by my neighbor in Reykjavík, and either one of them could be the father. Technology will help us resolve which one the father really is.“